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DocuWorks 9, a New Version of Document Management

Fuji Xerox Introduces DocuWorks 9, a New Version of Document Handling Software with Its New Functions

Fuji Xerox - As part of the strategy to push forward pedaling efficiency and comprehensive solutions for digital documentation technology, Fuji Xerox has recently announced the launch of ‘DocuWorks 9’, the latest version of its document handling software which can be accessible from both computers and mobile devices, featured with its new functions connecting with Cloud services for most efficient of mobile working under the concept ‘Anywhere, Anytime for Anyone,’.   

DocuWorks 9 enables electronic document management as if handling paper documents, has been evolving in line with the changing work styles and needs of customers. With new functions for mobile work that allow users to continue an unfinished work anytime, anywhere.    

Fuji Xerox has further enhanced the software as a business portal that serves as an entrance to all business operations. DocuWorks 9 is featured with ‘Task Space’, a groundbreaking function that allows users to store their documents in Fuji Xerox Working Folder by simply clicking the sync button. By accessing to that space from another PC or mobile terminal even outside the office, the users can view and edit any documents stored in the cloud service. 

In addition, the ‘Task Toolbar’, a tool that enables users to visualize the entire work procedures clearly by changing the icon positions following the work process, was enhanced to allow users to create multiple tabs. With those tabs, daily operations can be further streamlined enabling users to proceed multiple tasks concurrently. Newly added “Pencil Case” function enables to register electronic stationery (annotations) including stamps, notepad and markers, and to call up frequently or recently used functions.

With the growing momentum toward the work style reforms, it is urgent for companies to balance flexible, diversified work styles, as well as enhancing productivity and streamlining operations. However, accumulated paper documents and electronic ones created with various kinds of software are mixed together at offices, and it is difficult to manage them in a unified manner. In addition, an environment that allows digitized information to be systematically utilized for purposes, such as circulation of a document, has not been established. These circumstances obstruct realization of various work styles and enhanced productivity.