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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Fuji Xerox (Thailand) Co., Ltd. *1 (hereinafter referred to as "Fuji Xerox") fully understands the inherent responsibility of "entities handling personal information" to protect personal information *2 of all people including customers and suppliers who provide personal information to Fuji Xerox (hereinafter such information is referred to as "personal information" and each of such persons is referred to as "the person"). Therefore, Fuji Xerox has established specific policies on handling personal information as stated below, and thus will make every effort to protect personal information.

1. Acquisition of Personal Information

Whenever Fuji Xerox asks a person to provide Fuji Xerox with his/her personal information, we specify in advance the purpose for which the personal information will be used (hereinafter referred to as "purpose of use").

In the following cases, however, we may omit specifying the purpose of use;
When personal information is provided in a business meeting or in the exchange of business cards
When personal information is provided on business cards at events, fairs, or seminars etc.

In these cases, Fuji Xerox may use personal information for introducing our products and services as well as providing various information by e-mail, and marketing activities including face-to-face marketing, except when the person rejects those activities.

2. Management of Personal Information

In order to prevent leakage, alteration, loss, or use for anything other than the purpose of use, Fuji Xerox manages personal information strictly in a safe environment under strict security according to related laws, guidelines, and internal regulations.

As for the proper handling of personal information, Fuji Xerox executes necessary education and enlightenment to employees.

3. Use of Personal Information

Fuji Xerox does not use personal information for anything other than the purpose of use, except under one or more of the following conditions;
1.When the person has given his/her consent,
2.When personal information is used in a manner whereby the person cannot be identified (e.g. statistical data),
3.When use for other than purpose of use is authorized by related laws or guidelines.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Fuji Xerox does not disclose personal information to any third parties except under one or more of the following conditions;
1.When the person has given his/her consent,
2.When personal information is disclosed in a manner whereby the person cannot be identified (e.g. statistical data),
3.When personal information is disclosed to Fuji Xerox dealers or affiliates etc. that have been obligated to preserve confidentiality to Fuji Xerox (hereinafter referred to as "the business partner") within the scope necessary to perform the purpose of use,
4.When Fuji Xerox deems it appropriate for the person's inquiries or request of some materials to be answered or supported by the business partner and personal information is disclosed to such the business partner,
5.When it is necessary for the settlement of payment for products purchased or services provided to disclose personal information to financial institutions etc. (This is for verifying the accuracy of bank account information or the validity of credit cards),
6.When a part of the business operations of Fuji Xerox is succeeded to other company; (Fuji Xerox will make every possible effort so that the successor shall not leak personal information as well as not use personal information for other than the purposes of use),
7.When disclosure to third parties is authorized by related laws or guidelines,
8.When a judicial or administrative organization has ordered the disclosure or provision of personal information according to laws or ordinances,
9.When personal information is disclosed or shared between Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries or between the subsidiaries within the scope necessary to perform the purposes of use.

5. Inquiries of Personal Information

A person who wishes to access, alter, or correct his/her own personal information should contact the section or staff in Fuji Xerox to whom the person has provided their personal information (contact information site that is displayed on the Web site through which personal information has been provided). Fuji Xerox will then respond to the person's request in a timely manner according to prescribed procedures.

In those cases, in order to prevent unlawful acquisition or alteration of personal information by third parties, Fuji Xerox will confirm whether the request is really done by the person himself/herself.

6. Handling of Your Advice and Requests

As for advice, requests and proposals sent to Fuji Xerox from the users, Fuji Xerox can freely use them unless the purpose of use is specifically restricted.

However, Fuji Xerox will acquire the person's consent when personal information is disclosed to the public or to third parties in a manner whereby the person who has provided it can be identified.

7. Handling of Personal Information on the Web Site

7.1 Use of Cookie *3, Web Beacon *4 and IP Address *5

Fuji Xerox may use Cookies, Web beacons, or IP addresses recorded on the Web site that is operated by Fuji Xerox for the following purposes;
1.To identify the causes of problems arising at Web servers and to resolve these problems,
2.To improve the contents of Web sites and e-mail,
3.To customize the contents of Web sites and e-mail for the user's individual interest or purpose,
4.To use browsing history by the person and the results of questionnaires for marketing by Fuji Xerox in the service for membership system where personal information of the person has been registered in advance,
5.To obtain aggregated site visitation statistics whereby the individual person cannot be identified.

The person can reject use of Cookies and Web beacons by Fuji Xerox by configuring the Internet browsing software (hereinafter referred to as "browser") to reject the acquisition of Cookies.

In this case, however, some restrictions may occur by which some functions such as customization cannot be used.

7.2 SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Fuji Xerox will use encryption by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or other security technologies to prevent tapping into the communication process by third parties when the person provides his/her personal information through Web sites operated by Fuji Xerox *6.

However, these technologies may not be used in some rare cases because of the person's computer environment. In these cases, Fuji Xerox will display on the Web site that security cannot be ensured in the communication process.

7.3 Respective Usage Contract

When extra provisions different from those of this Privacy Policy are settled on through a usage contract of Web sites operated by Fuji Xerox, Fuji Xerox will preferentially apply said usage contract.

7.4 Linked Sites From Fuji Xerox Sites

Fuji Xerox Web sites may include links to Web sites outside Fuji Xerox.

Although Fuji Xerox pays full attention to the selection of the linked sites, we cannot assume responsibility for protection of personal information or contents on those Web sites outside Fuji Xerox.

8. Compliance With Laws and Regulations

Fuji Xerox strictly observes all local laws and internal regulations that are applicable related to personal information.

Fuji Xerox will occasionally revise this Privacy Policy in accordance with revisions of related Japanese laws, policies and guidelines, or our internal rules. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically confirm the updated contents of this Privacy Policy.

9. User Registration

  • This service is provided only for the customers in Thailand.
  • Those who are outside of Thailand cannot carry out user registration nor use the services in principle.

*1: "Subsidiary" means the Japanese company, for which Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. holds the majority of voting rights directly or indirectly.

*2: "Personal information" means information concerning individuals such as name, age, birth date, gender, address, phone number, mail address, place of employment, number of credit card and information for which the individual specified can be identified by one item or a combination of two or more of items as described above.

*3: "Cookie" is identification information that is transmitted to the person's browser by servers and is preserved on the browser side for effective operations of Web sites.

*4: "Web beacon" is technology to acquire aggregated site visitation statistics of access to the specified Web pages using cookies.

*5: "IP address" is a number that can specify the computer accessing the servers. (User of computer cannot be specified.)

*6: Some Web sites operated by Fuji Xerox may not support SSL by restrictions of systems or other reasons. In these cases, Fuji Xerox will display on such Web sites that security cannot be preserved in communication process.