ApeosPort-V 3065 eco-friendly multifunction device

ApeosPort-V 3065 / 3060 / 2060

Easy to Corporate, Easy to Collaborate


Note : For precautions of each item, please refer to the page of details.

Compact multifunction device increasing overall efficiency

  • A variety of options with a variety of combinations. Flexibly adapting to any installation space.

More efficient use of multifunction device

  • Easy Fingertip Control.
  • Faster scan
  • Two easy-to-use scan applications are available
  • Waste-free fax
  • Efficiently utilise multiple multifunction devices
  • Easy printing wherever you are

Environmentally responsible

  • Excellent noise reduction performance through airflow design
  • Using environmentally safe new materials
  • "Smart Energy Management" for Specific Power Use
  • Energy-saving design consuming less than 1.0 W power during sleep mode


Optional Functions


  1. Finisher-A1
  2. Finisher-B1
  3. Booklet Maker Unit for Finisher B1

Convenient inner output tray, bypass tray that can be used to print on envelope

The inner output tray and optional side tray allow you to switch output trays for copy, fax, and print jobs.


The bypass tray is convenient for printing on envelopes used when sending delivery notes and invoices.

Based on solid basic functions and equipped with the advanced function of ApeosPort, the ApeosPort-V 3065/3060/2060 series provides selection to suit your work style.

The birth of a dependable monochrome multifunction device that improves business process efficiency with easy-to-use operation panel and noise-free design enabling it to be installed anywhere.


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ApeosPort-V 3065 / 3060 / 2060

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ApeosPort-V 3065 eco-friendly multifunction device