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What is Cloud On-Demand Print

Using cloud service on the Internet enables you to print on a multifunction device at any destination.

Examples of application

  • From separate in-house location
  • Business-to-business project
  • At location without LAN environment
  • Even photos taken with your mobile device


Using cloud service on the Internet enables you to print on a multi-function device at any destination.

Print data securely at your destination

You want to print your document at your destination but there is a risk of losing data if you carry it in a USB, and constantly installing a printer driver on your PC is a nuisance. Cloud On-Demand Print can solve these problems.

Store your documents from your PC or mobile device to the cloud server on the Internet and print on demand on a multi-function device at your destination using your ID and password.

You can print the necessary documents easily and securely without worrying about losing data or installing a dedicated driver.

  1. Upload data easily from PC or mobile device
    Upload the document that you want to print to the cloud server via the Internet from your PC, smartphone, or tablet.
  2. Print data securely at your destination
    Log into a multi-function device supporting Cloud On-Demand Print using your ID and password and print the stored document.

Main Features

Documents can be uploaded from a variety of client terminals

In the case of Windows® PC, from a Web browser or a dedicated tool. Custom apps are available to upload documents from iOS or AndroidTM. There is no need to install or configure a printer driver.

Support any business size from small to large

Up to 1000 multi-function devices can be assigned as output device supporting Cloud On-Demand Print, flexibly supporting up to 1000 users from small group to department/business office level.

"Guest" that multiple users can share and use

With "Guest", users who have not been registered with Cloud On-Demand Print can upload and print files by accessing the URL notified by the administrator.

Linkage with the cloud service "Box"

Transfer documents stored in the "Box" directly from "Box" Web UI to Cloud On-Demand Print. Common printing environment is provided at any location such as office and other business facilities, etc.

Low implementation cost, greatly reduced maintenance and operation workload

Cloud On-Demand Print is a cloud service that can be used on a monthly subscription plan. There is no need for an in-house server or dedicated system administrator so installation and operation cost can be kept low.

Variety of security measures

  • Communication during document uploading/printing is SSL encrypted
  • Uploaded document is deleted automatically within a specified period whether it is printed or not
  • Access to the cloud server is controlled by user ID and password
  • Documents can be password protected when uploading
  • Operation history lets you keep track of who printed what and when

From separate in-house location

Store your documents beforehand and print when you reach your destination.

[Before implementation]

  • Carrying printed material is a burden.
  • Can’t edit when you realise update is necessary.
  • Inconvenient to have your document printed from a USB at your destination.

[After implementation]

  • Print documents from an on-site multifunction device as soon as you arrive.
    No need to have your document printed from a USB.
  • Large documents can be set to "Shared" and have someone print them before you arrive.
  • Documents can be edited on the go and stored in the cloud again to print the latest version.

Business-to-business project

Set and use multifunction device as shared output device among members.

[Before implementation]

  • Different companies have no shared LAN environment so materials necessary for a meeting and updated documents cannot be printed immediately.

[After implementation]

  • Shared print environment can be created easily beyond the wall of different LAN environment of each company.
  • Secured output environment can be shared with appropriate access privilege setting.

At location without LAN environment

  • Even without a LAN environment, printing environment can be created easily with just an Internet connection.
  • As satellite offices and on-site offices increase, multi-function devices can be set as output device to print from your PC or mobile device.

Even photos taken with your mobile device

After a meeting for example, take a snapshot of the white board with your smartphone and upload it to the cloud server. Then easily print from a multifunction device configured as the output device.


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