XMPie E-Media Cloud


A convenient on-ramp solution for enabling 1:1 cross media

PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud™, is a subscription-based hosted solution that enables online media touch points in cross media campaigns. Ideal for service providers who want to start developing cross media capabilities, but are not yet ready to commit to an on-premises solution, PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud is the perfect choice!

PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud is able to share the same database for the print and online media touch points, enabling truly integrated cross-media campaigns. Migrating from a desktop-based, variable data print-only campaign to an integrated multichannel campaign is a very smooth process with PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud.

PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud is fully compatible with the entire XMPie family, from desktop to server. This means that collaboration with other XMPie customers or installations is easy to accomplish and maintain, and users can enjoy a natural upgrade path from PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud to any other XMPie offering without sacrificing their investment in business logic, designs, campaigns and know-how.


With PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud the Variable Data Print (VDP) component of the cross media campaign is generated through an XMPie’s desktop solution, such as uDirect Studio while the email and personalized landing sites (PURLs) are served through the hosted server. PersonalEffect eMedia Cloud includes PersonalEffect Analytics for campaign monitoring and reporting of touch points delivered through the cloud solution.

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XMPie E-Media Cloud

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