Adapting your Business Centre for Today’s Traveller

The hotel industry is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors and has shown few signs of slowing down. Nevertheless, the industry faces mounting pressures as operating costs skyrocket and as escalating competition cuts into already thin profit margins. Two factors present a unique dilemma:

  • Hotels need to manage their operating costs in order to remain profitable
  • Hotels cannot afford to compromise the quality of their services and the satisfaction of their guests

The Cost of Customer Contentment
One hotel facility that is particularly of interest is the area of business centre print services. On average, less than 10 guests use a hotel’s business centre, and maintaining such facilities is relatively costly because they need to be managed by dedicated staff. On the other hand, removing such facilities altogether can critically impact a hotel’s ability to satisfy its customers—especially if customers need to print tickets, itineraries, and other business documents.

Profitability and Productivity through Cloud-on-Demand Printing
With Fuji Xerox’s Cloud On-Demand Print Solution for Smart “DIY” Mobile Printing, hotel guests can print their document to the cloud from any devices, laptop, smartphone or tablet via the hotel’s multi-function device.


The solution offers the following benefits:

• Guests can print documents through the cloud or through their own device.
• Guests can print anywhere, whether in the business centre or from the comfort of their own room!

• User Interface is easy to use and involves three steps at most.
• Guests can use the service without needing any assistance from dedicated hotel staff.

• Guests are rest assured that the security of their documents won’t be compromised since access to their documents requires signing in with their WiFi credentials.

Fuji Xerox’s Cloud OnDemand Print solution allows hotels to continue offering valuable guest printing services without having to incur the attendant costs. This enables hotels to satisfy their guests by providing a comprehensive range of services without having operating costs go through the roof. Additionally, freeing employees from the task of closely managing the business centre means that personnel get to focus on the most critical work of hospitality staff—which is to remain attentive to guests’ ever-evolving needs. 

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Cloud On-Demand Printing within the Hospitality Industry

Fuji Xerox’s suite of cloud solutions, Cloud On-Demand Print creates value-added guest service to improve customer experience, while maintaining security and privacy of documents.

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