ERP & Analytics

ERP and Analytics

Focus on value-added activities that drive business competitiveness and growth.


How can technology help my organisation be more effective and productive? Productivity solutions from Fuji Xerox can help make your personnel more effective by reducing the amount of time they spend on non-value-add activities, and thus focus on value-added activities that drives your business competitiveness and growth.


  • Integrated Business Suite that includes Sales Order Management, Warehouse Management, Purchasing Management, Accounting and Finance modules tailored for SMEs.
  • Data Analytics solutions that integrate analytics into business processes and systems to increase competitiveness, minimise risk and improve decision making.
  • Cloud and Mobility solutions providing Software-as-a-Services( SaaS) for SMEs or companies starting on cloud CRM applications.
  • Working Folder from Fuji Xerox provides a cloud service for businesses to upload, manage and share files securely from anywhere and at any time. It is a low cost way for SMEs to start their digital transformation.
  • SkyDesk CRM from Fuji Xerox is a cloud-based solution that allows organisations to easily track sales activities, automate tasks, target the niche market, and act on opportunities. It is also a cost effective CRM solution for SMEs.


  • Integrated Business Suite provides a comprehensive set of business software modules running on an integrated business platform to manage and run your business. 
  • Data Analytics provides visualisation and analysis, extract value from data and drives actionable insights.
  • SkyDesk CRM software has all the core functionalities a small business requires and a robust set of tools to help turn opportunities into sales. SkyDesk CRM rich set of tools includes Sales CRM, CRM Analytics, CRM Marketing, Customer Support, Inventory Management and email integration.