“Green Office Award – Gold Level”

Fuji Xerox Thailand has received “Green Office Award-Gold Level” from from Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on celebrated as annual Thai Environmental Day, the Ministry has organized the ceremony event and Prime Minister presented award.

This award has developed “Green Office Standard” which consist of Green Policy, Awareness & Training, Efficiency recourses utilization, Waste Management, etc…Then we continue improving our internal process i.e. strengthen Green Procurement, waste segregation improvement and etc... as a continuous improvement from 2014 that Fuji Xerox Thailand achieved “Green Office Award with Silver Level”

Management System Certification

ISO standard is developed by International Standard Organization which is responsible for crating or improving on the standard internationally. Any countries can be applied equally well.

The Company has developed and continuously improve internal processes to comply with the requirements of the standards. That is acceptable and serve the need of the customer. This ensures that customers have confidence the processes of the company

At present, Fuji Xerox (Thailand) holds the following ISO certificates

  1. Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) for Head Office, Service branches and Document Technology Center, total 23 branches
  2. Quality Management System (ISO 9001) for Head Office and Service Branches, total 9 branches
  3. Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001) for Document Technology Center
  4. Information Security Management System (ISO 27001) for Document Technology Center (DTC) and Head Office.


Certification: Head Office and Service Branches Certification: Document Technology Center (DTC)

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Thai Green Label

Thai Green Label is an environmental certification awarded to specific products that are shown to have minimum detrimental impact on the environmemt in comparison with other products serving the same function. The scheme is developed to promote the concept of resource conservation, pollution reduction, and waste management. The purposes of awarding the green label are:

  • To provide reliable information and guide customers in their choice of products
  • To create an opportunity for consumers to make an environmentally conscious decision, thus creating market incentives for manufacturers to develop and supply more environmentallu sound products
  • To reduce environmental impacts which may occur during manufacturing, utilization, consumption and disposal of products